The Newspaper «Business in Switzerland» is the only one Russian-speaking website publishing news and materials about business in Switzerland on professional and daily basis. We focus on the whole Swiss economy: Swiss banks and Bank secrecy, Opening of bank accounts, Taxation, registration of companies, immigration, buying of Swiss real estate, protection of property and wealth management, international trade and so on.

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Your advantages from cooperation with us:
+ High concentration of your potential clients. As long as we focus on different aspects of business in Switzerland, our audience consists of those people who have strong interest thereon – businessmen, managers, lawyers, politicians, university stuff, bankers etc. Exactly these categories are your potential clients.
+ Trust of the audience. We use our professional knowledge and skills when writing the content for the Newspaper. That is the reason why, our materials and news are interesting and competent (contrary to usual journalist without legal and economic backgrounds who can do serious mistakes). Our website attracts attention of people because they can get substantial answers on their questions only at our Newspaper. When making your advertisement with us, you enjoy trust the audience gives us.
+ The wide size of the audience. Our news and materials are automatically and rush distributed within the news sections of Google, Yandex (=Russian Google) and 5 further searching engines in Russia and Ukraine.
+ Individual approach. Being professionals who are closely connected with business, we are capable to understand your needs. We put your goals into the central position, when making advertisement of your company. Your success is also our success.

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