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Russian Switzerland is not just Russians who are Swiss residents. It comprises all Russian speaking people living and/or doing business in Switzerland. For them, is the meeting point, which publishes news on daily basis.

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What do? is a Switzerland’s leading Russian speaking online portal for professionals and persons with an interest in Switzerland, its financial sector and doing business and living here.

What does write about?

Daily, delivers real-time and constantly updated news about

  • Swiss banks and companies,
  • Wealth management and investment (gold, cryptocurrencies),
  • Immigration into Switzerland,
  • Swiss real estate,
  • Taxation in Switzerland,
  • Swiss politics,
  • Education in Switzerland,
  • relations to the EU.

Who reads

Our focus are Swiss and international business news and analytics. So, our audience consists of people who are interesting therein: bankers, businessmen, lawyers, professors, politicians, managers and so on. Readers of have significant disposable incomes.

Our audience has a higher than average interests in the following spheres:

  • Financial Services/Banking Services
  • Investment Services
  • News & Politics
  • Travel/Migration
  • Real Estate/Residential Properties
  • Jobs & Education
  • Lifestyles & Hobbies

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