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business-swiss.ch is the leading Swiss-Russian news website about business in Switzerland. We publish our news on a professional and daily basis.

business-swiss.ch is Switzerland’s leading Russian speaking online portal for professionals and persons with an interest in Switzerland, its financial sector and doing business here.

business-swiss.ch was founded by a small independent team of lawyers, economists and journalists with extensive experience covering Swiss, Russian and international law, Swiss economy and finances, global trade and politics.

Daily, business-swiss.ch delivers real-time and constantly-updated news about Switzerland: Swiss banks and companies, wealth management, immigration into Switzerland, Swiss real estate, taxation in Switzerland, Swiss politic, education in Switzerland, Switzerland and the EU, internationals news.

business-swiss.ch enjoys the trust of professionals working in banking, insurance, asset management, law, politics and education in Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Azerbaijan, Germany, and France. Readers of business-swiss.ch have significant disposable incomes.

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Swiss-Russian news about Switzerland | Russian Switzerland