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Our daily Russian speaking newspaper “Business in Switzerland” (www.business-swiss.ch) is the biggest and most visited Russian website about Switzerland. Our magazine publishes  articles on professional and daily basis.

5 facts about us:

1. From Switzerland, about Switzerland. Our news and other materials are the product created by a group of professionals whose life is closely connected to Switzerland. We have obtained degrees in law, economy and politics from Swiss Universities, speak local languages (and even dialects) and are a part of the Swiss society.

2. About business in Switzerland. Having its own complex, but amazing culture, being a neutral and indispensible part of the world, Switzerland is a truly unique county. On professional basis, we are focusing on the role the Swiss financial centre plays in modern international transactions. Our focus: Swiss banks and bank secrecy, wealth management in Switzerland and in the international context, taxation in Switzerland and in the international context, registration of companies in Switzerland, immigration into Switzerland, buying of Swiss real estate, tourism, international trade and so on. We make exactly what we are extremely good in – news about business in Switzerland.

3. Quality and quantity. Our website is not just an enumeration of facts happening in Switzerland or in the world. Providing analysis and comments, we always create a value added content. Our site is also a platform to discuss events about Switzerland.

4. About Switzerland in Russian. Especially now, Switzerland tends to diversify its economic and political ties to the EU and the USA. So the Russian speaking countries (CIS-states) are becoming more important for Switzerland. We write on Russian. Our audience consists of businessmen, lawyers, public servants, academicians, bankers and other interested people from Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, the USA and so on.

5. Openness to cooperation. We are always glad to cooperate with you. Should you have an article about Switzerland to be published? Please, send it to us. Or do you want to advertise your company? We can make PR for you and place your advertisement on our website. Just text on contact (English, German, Russian).

Think on your advantages of cooperating with us!

Sincerely yours,
Business in Switzerland

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